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Phone Net Tools

This projects combines a set of networking tools for Windows Phone that overcome some of the limitations in the current feature set on the platform. Some of those tools I needed for own projects, others started out as ideas or samples for my trainings that evolved into polished components suitable for public use.

What's in the package

At the moment, the following features are available:

How to use

For explanations on the individual features, please follow the above links. To integrate the library in your own projects, the recommended way is to use NuGet, either using the console:

PM> Install-Package phonenettools

... or the package manager UI of Visual Studio. You can however also download the binaries from CodePlex and manually add them to your project.

The source code available here also contains simple sample projects for every feature, so if you're interested in samples that go beyond the snippets shown on the above linked feature pages, download the current source code for more.

Roadmap and contribution

I don't have a roadmap for this project. Once I implement new features for my own use or requirements I'll also add them to this library, but I
don't make any promises about a future feature set. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact me. You're also invited to use the issue tracker for bugs or feature requests of course.

About me

My name is Peter Kuhn ("Mister Goodcat"), and among much other I'm a Windows Phone enthusiast :).
You can learn more about me here, and read more from me on my blog.

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